Once upon a time...

I had a message about kindness I wanted to share with the world. I was five years old and painfully bashful. So I wrote my message as a story. 

I’ve written hundreds of stories since then. My name is Sarah Sawyer, The Story Copywriter. I’m here to help you clarify your message, and empower you to share it with others in  a clear, concise way that motivates them to join your non-profit efforts or purchase your products.


The Certified Copywriter Solution

You may not have 25 years of experience in writing stories. Something like Donald Miller’s innovative StoryBrand Framework isn’t intuitive for you. 

You do have the StoryBrand formula:

1. A character

2. With a problem (external, internal, philosophical)

3. Meets a Guide (with empathy and authority)

4. Who gives them a plan

5. That calls them to action

6. That results in…

7. Success or failure


But maybe the thought of writing life-giving words for your organization paralyzes you. 

It’s okay. Writing is a daunting task. Intimidating. Even professional writers can freeze in front of a blank page.

I’ve spent years developing my story craft, tackling the unique challenge of writing persuasive words. This prepared me to write these words to you, to let you know it’s okay to turn the burden of writing over to someone else, to relieve you of that stress so you can get on with what you do best—running your organization or business. 

A huge, heartfelt thank you, Sarah, for your superb work. We are so happy to be working with you!
— Anna Huntington, First Peoples Fund


Do you need...


  • Email Copy
  • Website Copy
  • Content Creation
  • Blog Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Ad Writing
  • Sales Letters
  • White papers


I can also wireframe your website using a BrandScript to take your donor or customer on a journey through your site.

Let me write the story for your non-profit or commercial business. I’ll position your mission, donor, or customer as the hero. Your story’s message will be clear and effective. And with a happy ending. Because you are the hero of my story.